Strategy & Marketing

Red Team Engineering has developed a great method of bringing marketing, strategy, and innovation into complete alignment, based on a process of developing a deep understanding of the future needs of customers.

The results of this accelerated process provide powerful insights and practical guidance for marketing, operational management, and R&D in developing your brand and new products and services for the future. Through this program, they will understand exactly what customers are going to expect, enabling them to launch and deliver key initiatives to create the future of your organization.

How It Works

  1. Understand the world of the future. Our trained facilitators conduct focused research on the key themes and issues that will shape the world of the future and the industries and markets you compete in.
  2. Understand the emerging attitudes, beliefs, attitudes, and motivations of key customer segments. We design and facilitate a series of dynamic interactive workshops enabling company staff to interact directly with customers, potential customers, and non-customers in a co-creative process that enables you to understand the hidden meanings.
  3. Produce hundreds of ideas. In the workshops a team of your staff, ideally from all levels of your organization, works with a collection of bright, talented, and experienced outsiders to develop hundreds of ideas for the future of your business, covering a wide range of topics including overall positioning, product concepts, service models, branding insights, marketing perspectives, and staff recruiting, selection and training. We’ll even recruit the outsiders.
  4. Synthesize the results in a comprehensive strategy statement. We prepare a concrete and comprehensive strategy and positioning statement that incorporates all the best ideas and insights from the project.
  5. Prepare innovation projects to put the learnings into action. We help you set up and manage the innovation project teams that implement the priority initiatives, and using our advanced acceleration techniques, we help you manage the projects for maximum effectiveness and minimum time.  This translates brand vision into strategic initiatives, and provides clear input to innovation managers so they know what the priorities are. In every company, marketing, strategy, and innovation methods have to be aligned to yield the best results.  Strategy, Marketing, & Innovation 360 is a powerful, time effective, and cost effective way of bringing the future to you.