Innovation Engine

Mature Innovation Process

Our quality-managed innovation process is integrated into the Innovation Master Plan Framework, tailored to your organization’s business strategy and aligned with your portfolio management objectives to deliver optimal returns while choosing the right level of risk.

Innovation Audits

The audit is organized around InnovationLabs’ innovation management framework, the Innovation Master Plan.   The Master Plan has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world, helping them to address critical innovation issues across the entire scope of innovation practice, from strategic thinking and portfolio management to the innovation process, the innovation culture, marketing, and sales.

Innovation Workshops

Our Innovation Seminars and Innovation Workshops are the perfect way to spark rapid progress in the innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment in your organization.  They are fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that will lead to immediate and significant improvements in your firm’s innovation results.

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs Create Game Changing Innovation Quickly!

Inspire new types of interactions between your teams! Shrink product development cycle times! Accelerate alignment of large groups of people around new strategies! Accelerate new product development! 

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a systematic planning method that addresses these shortcomings. This approach, pioneered at Royal Dutch Shell, offers a more effective way to think about the future. Instead of attempting one-dimensional predictions that will determine our plans, we use a discovery process to explore explore key trends and emerging factors, and to understand the risk and reward profiles of possible futures that may emerge.

Strategy & Marketing

Innovation Labs has developed a great method of bringing marketing, strategy, and innovation into complete alignment, based on a process of developing a deep understanding of the future needs of customers.

The results of this accelerated process provide powerful insights and practical guidance for marketing, operational management, and R&D in developing your brand and new products and services for the future.

New Venture Design

Business leaders constantly work to balance the needs of existing businesses – innovating for today – with the necessity of creating new opportunities for the future. Frequently these two requirements seem to be in conflict because talent and resources focused on current operations do not have an effective way to explore and develop new opportunities, and the assessment and reward structures of existing businesses often make it difficult for managers to shift resources away from immediate needs.

Certification Programs

The program was created and designed by senior innovation specialist expert Langdon Morris.  Langdon is recognized worldwide as one of today’s leading experts, trainers, and writers on innovation.  His books on innovation are widely accepted as leading resources for innovators and innovation leaders.