Certified Managers of Innovation

RTE has a number of Certified Managers of Innovation, certified by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP).  The IAOIP is “the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is the world’s only innovation certification body, providing members with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to deliver real change in their industry or field. The GISH (Global Innovation Science Handbook) is internationally awarded handbook that was developed and is maintained by members through a transparent and democratic process that assures everyone the opportunity to contribute. The GISH is not someone’s opinion of what innovation should be – it is the scientifically-anchored worldview of your peers and professionals from the community of practice.” 

IOAIP certification demonstrates our professionals have the tools and knowledge to make a strategic difference at all levels of the innovation organization.

A few of our Certified Managers of Innovation are: