Red Team Engineering has a wide range of experience in software engineering, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration management, engineering management, application development, sustainment, modernization and support. Not only can we engineer, design and implement custom applications to enhance business processes and increase operational efficiency, but we are often able to save our clients’ money by enhancing legacy applications–both standard and proprietary.

Our team of software engineering professionals are proficient in technologies such as Java, Oracle, J2EE, .asp, and more. In addition, we utilize a time-tested, proprietary project management methodology (based on PMBOK) to deliver projects on-time, in-scope, and on-budget.

Red Team Engineering provides clients the assurance that the applications that we develop and manage will be built on state of the art platforms and secure from ever-evolving security threats.

Agile DevOps

We bring a mature, cloud-agnostic continuous integration / continuous delivery (CICD) platform for build automation, test automation, security scanning automation, continuous delivery and deployment.  Suitable for commercial cloud, government cloud, MilCloud or on-premises infrastructure, at source code check in, the pipeline automatically performs build, unit test, source code quality test, content QA, component test, functional and non-functional tests, and regression tests using our automated test harness.

Our software engineering teams are proficient in Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme programming and software security, proven in even the most demanding operating environments, including DoD Classified systems.

Agile Transition

We’ve converted or helped convert numerous customers to Agile from traditional waterfall, increasing code quality and improving delivery times.  Let us show you how to seamlessly transition to Agile methods without breaking the bank.

Application Development

Red Team Engineering has the ability to design and implement custom applications and enhance legacy applications for commercial, public sector, and federal clients to help your organization enhance business processes and increase operational efficiency.  Leverage our continuous integration / continuous delivery (CICD) pipeline platform to build and deploy working code multiple times per day.

Application Maintenance and Support

Is your IT team bogged down with application sustainment activities, leaving little time for activities that drive the business forward? Do you lack the internal resources to efficiently implement changes to your custom apps? It may be time to contact Red Team Engineering.  We performs IT sustainment, integration, migration, and elements of Tiers 1, 2, and 3 support legacy and modernized systems. We also deliver application services integration and deployment activities in development, test, pre-production and production environments, execute regression testing and employ in-depth knowledge of security requirements.

We approach every project with information security in center focus. Experienced in all aspects of information security, infrastructure requirements, and development platforms, we are able to shore up areas of vulnerability within your standard and/or proprietary applications.

Optimal Test Coverage

Our Chief Engineer has developed an innovative, statistical model to determine optimal test coverage (e.g. automated test cases) required to achieve desired risk thresholds based on code-feature story points.   The probability of insufficient testing is obtained using statistical distributions, with parameters that can be adjusted based on government requirements.  It was innovative because it determined the exact depth and breadth of unit tests required according to the complexity of the user stories that went into development – assuring just the right amount of testing to assure defect-free deployments, and not one bit more.