New Venture Design

A Systematic Approach

Business leaders constantly work to balance the needs of existing businesses – innovating for today – with the necessity of creating new opportunities for the future.

Frequently these two requirements seem to be in conflict because talent and resources focused on current operations do not have an effective way to explore and develop new opportunities, and the assessment and reward structures of existing businesses often make it difficult for managers to shift resources away from immediate needs.

When this happens, it helps enormously to have an outside organization take the lead in identifying future opportunities.

We follow a rigorous method that begins by gathering insights about the existing operation and considering possible new businesses in the broad brush through adjacency mapping and market roadmapping.  We then engage in a disciplined process of scenario planning to identify the best strategies for future development, and define possible investment options.  This leads to a set of extremely high quality investment options for the Board.  Once the best choices have been made, business design and implementation begins, resulting in new business models and new ventures to expend the value and life of the enterprise into the future.