Innovation is a top priority for nearly every organization.   Our custom training programs, innovation seminars and workshops will boost your organization’s innovation effectiveness.

•  Understand the principles of innovation and how to apply them immediately to your organization.

•  Create an innovation culture in your organization.

•  Learn where to focus your improvement efforts for immediate results.

Our Innovation Seminars and Innovation Workshops are the perfect way to spark rapid progress in the innovation practices, processes, attitudes, and environment in your organization.  They are fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that will lead to immediate and significant improvements in your firm’s innovation results.

Workshop Topics

 i.         Innovation Culture

Develop the innovation culture in your organization by  learning how to apply the unique roles and responsibilities of innovation leaders, how to empower effective innovation champions, and how to support creative geniuses as they find & develop new ideas.

 ii.         Innovation Master Plan™

The Innovation Master Plan™ Framework is our comprehensive innovation methodology (see other side).  In this workshop, your team will apply the framework to your specific markets and organizational culture to accelerate your innovation progress and achieve rapid results.

iii.         Scenario Planning

Use scenario planning to prepare your organization for the uncertain future by modeling the key forces driving change, and developing strategies that will be effective across a wide range of future possibilities.

 iv.         Business Model Innovation

In many industries, the focus of competition is shifting from products and technologies to new business models, and business model innovators are attaining the best  growth rates.  This Innovation Seminar will help you learn how to apply business model thinking in your organization.

 v.         Train the Trainer

All of our trainings are available to be delivered through our complete train-the-trainer program.

Custom Design

Each workshop is custom-designed to the specific needs and goals of the client. It will include detailed case studies on organizations such as Apple Computer, Cisco, Coca Cola, IBM, NASA, Nike, Toyota, and Xerox.  Each participant receives a detailed workbook with interactive worksheets to ensure maximum learning and stimulate rich dialog, leading to rapid implementation of the key insights.