Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs Create Game Changing Innovation Quickly!

Inspire new types of interactions between your teams! Shrink product development cycle times! Accelerate alignment of large groups of people around new strategies! Accelerate new product development!

Many executives realize they need to do things differently in order to enhance and build upon the creativity that already exists within their organization.

Space is not neutral. Most environments that people use for meetings and other types of collaborative work actually inhibit creativity, cooperation and performance. Our facilitators have decades of experience in adjusting physical environments so that people are freed to get the most out of collaboration and are able to expand their own boundaries of thought and interaction.

A work space designed to optimize innovation

  • A unique environment for creativity and information sharing, creativity, building new knowledge, creating alignment, and developing comprehensive solutions.
  • Furniture on wheels creates a fluid work space that adapts to the needs of the participants.
  • Large, mobile whiteboards facilitate creativity and idea sharing.
  • Illuminated display environment captures the key ideas.
  • Presentation stage facilitates the exchange of complex ideas.
  • Real-time concept modeling feeds new concepts into the design process.
  • Technology to enable and enhance conversations and decision making.

As part of our complete system for enabling innovation we employ the use of unique physical environments we call Innovation Labs™.

These environments are fast, flexible and creative. They support a wide range of activities and different types of work – from individual and small group work to large groups of diverse members of the organization.

An innovation lab can be set up for a few days or a few months – or an innovation lab can become a permanent part of the your innovation infrastructure – whichever suits the specific needs of your organization.

Our experience has been utilized by organizations of all kinds in many different industries. We work closely with your architects, designers, and project managers to design the most effective and productive environment for your circumstances and goals.