Vulnerability Assessment

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, and it is impossible to ensure the security of your network without a clear picture of its strengths and its weaknesses. Regularly scheduled vulnerability assessments are an uncomplicated way to uncover potential hazards.

There are countless individuals and entities intent on accessing other organizations’ network resources and data for myriad reasons, and they’re using the latest technology and techniques to accomplish this goal. Without adequate protection, your organization can be easily compromised, resulting in anything from a minor inconvenience to a breach that seriously harms your operations and your bottom line. Red Team Engineering can guide you through the process to properly safeguard any weak or exposed areas with an internal or external vulnerability assessment.

By working with Red Team Engineering you:

  • Catalog and prioritize vulnerabilities within your infrastructure.
  • Implement quick, efficient and cost effective remediation solutions, created for your specific needs.
  • Give your customers confidence by ensuring their information is secure.
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.