Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment from a qualified IT security firm is like checking the doors and windows on your network. With all of the confidential corporate and customer information in your database, you would never consider leaving those doors and windows open. But beyond the entryways that are easy to see, are there other access points that are not so obvious? Is your network at risk of experiencing a devastating breach?

Our Risk Assessment model delivers both quantitative and qualitative measures of organizational risk, allowing you to optimize your security spend and efficiently allocate resources to maximize business value.  We have a 20-year history of delivering Risk Assessments against all major standards including NIST 800-series, ISO, Octave, COBIT, COSO and others.

An Information Security Risk Assessment is a means of examining your organization’s information security infrastructure to identify vulnerable areas in the network and provide steps to secure those weaknesses. Only then will your organization be able to prioritize which areas need to be addressed immediately, which are less urgent, and which ones are not urgent at all.